Who knew that Mork so smart!

I have been getting up early to walk on the dreadmill, no, that's not a typo. That is was I call my treadmill since I would really rather walk outside.  But that's another blog.

I have been watching Mork and Mindy on TV to entertain myself while I walk.  So, if you have ever watched the show you know that at the end Mork gives his weekly report to his leader from ORK.  This week has had a couple of good points that in today's society we could really use.  The one in particular that I am going to write about is a Marriage License.

There are many different licenses.  Hunting, fishing, driving, Marriage, and teaching...  Oh, I am sure that there are many more, but Mork used driving and marriage in his report.

To obtain a drivers license a person must take a test and pass and then they are given the license.

To obtain a marriage license the only test is the test of time.

How many people just give up on their marriage after only 4-7 years, or even those that get divorced after 45-50!  Now, I am not condeming anyone, I know there are instances where a divorce is the best for all involved.  Sometimes though, I wonder if those that get divorced really gave it everything they have.  Then in the next breath when you see someone after 40 + years it makes you wonder why they didn't figure it out sooner.  The only people that can make the best decision for them is them.

Marriage is truly a test, each day, each year is a challenge.  As people we change as we get older, physically and emotionally.  Stress of everyday jobs, family and life in general just sometimes prove to be too much.

How would your marriage stand after the loss of a child?  Think about it, that is truly the most difficult challenge to work through.  Are you up for it?  Even the strongest of marriages is challenged to the extreme. 

We have a board in our living room that says "GOD DOESN'T GIVE US WHAT WE CAN HANDLE.  GOD HELPS US HANDLE WHAT WE ARE GIVEN"

Who knew that Mork was just so smart.

~~Live Life~~

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