Things to consider

So, being involved in an organization sometimes you get asked to take a position that gets pretty scary.  I have been involved in this my whole life.  I really do enjoy what I do, but sometimes I get overwhelmed.  Right now I have a decision to make on which or if I even want one of these positions.  One position is for a 1 year term, I did this position last year and had a really good time.  The other position is a 3 year term that is generally for the "past presidents" of this organization.  Only because this position makes more sense to those that have been involved on the inside, not just looking in. 

Class today was a guest instructor.  Boy did she kick A$$! it was shadow kickboxing holy moly!  It was a good time and a good workout.  This instructor is going to come back on Friday.  Much better than a list.

~~Live Life

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