The mice will play

Well not really, we still do our job, but it is just a bit fun when the boss is gone.  He calls before boarding his flight, I know he's kind of a nervous Nelly, but, really we can handle things while he is gone, and if not we would give him a call.

Not much happened today, quiet.  Just a few customers and a couple loads of grain came in.  Projects completed, trucks got done what they should have for the day, and so tomorrow is another day.

Workout was good today, my abs are going to hate the instructor tomorrow.  I walked on the treadmill after work, got in a couple more miles.  I would really like to know how some people get 55,000 steps in a day! I just don't get it.  I have divided that out over a 24 hour time frame and it just is completely out of my rhelm.  Makes me wonder if these people do anything other than run/walk.. You know like have a job!  Maybe it is just because I have a desk job that I don't get near what I should and I have to make a concious effort each day to achieve even 10,000.  Oh well, I do what I do and I guess they do to!

~~Live Life

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