The first of the year

So today, as for many was the first day of work in the new year.  In my position, I write a lot of checks for our customers, 76 today to be exact. Down from years past.

The customers are amazing, some don't necessarily care if they have their check today or tomorrow.  The next guy... wants is yesterday.  Some, come to get their  check and 2 1/2 hours later they finally leave.  Rendering my day... a loss, somewhat.

I had a post op eye appointment today and everything is going as planned.  Most of the time the sight is good and others, there is a bit of blurryness yet.  The end result is simply amazing though!

I also stopped tonight to visit my Dad's brother.  He and his wife offered me their cemetery plots.  I know, odd right?  If you knew the whole situation... not really.  We don't have a close relationship compared to others. But, we did have a nice visit, and I really enjoy the connection to my Dad.

I am feeling better after being sick this weekend, and I will begin my workout regiment again.  I needed the break, not that I really wanted to take it, but feeling sick, I felt it was better to rest and build myself up to hit it hard.  Plus, I picked up vitamin C that I found I really didn't need, I have plenty in my cupboard.

Tomorrow is another day, one day closer to the weekend, and having Monday off as much as I needed the break, I am just a tad behind in my work. But, I will achieve the necessary goals, by the deadlines set by myself and by others.

~~Live Life


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