The Eve of Christmas Eve

I find it hard to believe that another Christmas is upon us.  Our third without Nicholas.  I wonder many times what he is doing?  If he and Grandpa are busy talking to Grandpa's friends?  If Grandpa has introduced him to others?

How do we, as those here to remember the ones we lost, continue on? How do we know what happens when we come to the end of our time on Earth. 

We have talked about Nicholas a bit this week, conversations just began.  I like those.  We need more of them, we need to overcome the heartache over the last 3 years. 

Shawn has come to the realization that some things just don't matter.  He is learning to not sweat the small stuff, OH! he still falls back sometimes but he is growing.  It can do nothing but help him physically and emotionally.

Alida mentioned how much Miss Nich looks like him.  She was at a basketball game and Janet mentioned to her how much she looks like Nicholas.  Alida didn't realize it until she looked on facebook at some young pictures of him. 

Bert mentioned that a friend of his buried his brother and came to the realizaton that when you bury your brother burying your parent just isn't a big deal.  This friend also said you will never hear someone that has gone through the same situation ever say, "I know what you are going through" 

No, noone does know what we go through.  I don't want anyone else that I know to go through the same thing

Yeah, true to a point.  There is still the loss and the ache, but, like with Dad, he had been emotionally gone for 4 years before he died.

~~Live Life~~


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  1. noahbody

    Sorry for your loss.

    December 24, 2016