The Bathroom demolition

Remodel in this house is a rarity.  Hubby and I don't get along well enough with these types of projects to tackle them on our own.  Let alone, the fact that construction just isn't our forte.  Demolition began today on this project, now I have the reminder of the NASTY blue paint that was in our bath when we bought the house, it is just slightly better than the neon, puke green in the kitchen.  Definately 70's colors.

The Grands came over for supper tonight and so I showed them the "naked" bathroom.  They thought it was pretty funny to be able to see into the basement where the tub used to be. 

I am praying that our cabinet maker does a nice job and the cupboards fit like they should.  Now, for paint... well pray for me that the color I choose will work well and make the bath look better than it really is.

~~ Live Life

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