Relaxation Sunday

The birthday party last night was really good, we got to play with the littles and get them all wound up for Mom and Dad to put to bed after we left.  The littlest little was getting so excited that she could walk, she would take about 6 steps before she got to giggling so much she fell, then, pick her self right up and start all over.  She loves watching the bigger littles play and run all over. 

Our fundraising omelet brunch went okay today.  Unfortunately, our members just don't know how to listen! We only solicited for a few items and those solicited brought DOUBLE or TRIPLE what they were suppose too.  Unfortunately none of that stuff could be frozen and held over for our next one in a couple of months.  Therefore, I personally ended up bringing 5 dozen (half of what I was to take care of) home and try to figure out what I was going to do with it so it doesn't go bad.  Fortunately my daughter and daughter in law work in places that have more employees than where I do so they each took a pan with them.   We learned how to freeze eggs, and unfortunately there we ended up with 20 dozen extra because again... THEY DIDN'T LISTEN!  I think I am glad tomorrow is Monday, as glad as I can be.

~~Live Life


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