New Years Eve

What a way to spend New Years Eve--- Eve.  I have been feeling kind of crappy for the last couple of days and last night it totally hit.  So then of course, today, I am tired and blah.  I went to work for a few hours so that Tuesday is somewhat sane.  I got just enough done before I was too tired to start the next project.  Hubby came to pick me up and of course some friends, called to invite us over for a New Year's Eve party.  Me being sick of course gave him the perfect excuse to not have/want to go.  Nice! (not) 

So now hubby is off to church to give me time to rest again.  It is just hard to believe that being sick just once can render a person down for the count!  So definately not the way I wanted to spend a long weekend.

I had plans of doing some sewing and working around my house, now I just want to veg out and sleep!

Welcome Welcome 2017!

~~Live Life

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