Mar 11

So it's been a while, but we went on vacation, so its all good!  We spent the last week in southern Florida.  We took a trip to the Florida Keys, Naples, Cape Coral and points in between.  We were going to ride an airboat, but well, we didn't.  We took an eco tour through the Everglades and so thus we didn't take the airboat.  We did find out that during a hurricane in 93 a research center was destroyed and pythons were released into the Everglades. YUP! NOPE! I was done.  Definately looked where I was walking and above my head.  We saw alligators on our walks, a bit scary to see them that close but, they were very docile. 

As with all tourist things the fees charges are pretty high.  Especially in the national parks unfortunately.  We saw the Edison and Ford Estates and the Heminway home in the Keys, those were cheaper and far better for the money spent.

We ate local cuisine the whole trip.  We tried Mahi Mahi, Cuban, and a local diner.  We grocery shopped as our rooms had refrigerators so we were able to basically only purchase 1 meal per day.

We spent part of a day at the beach, it to was beautiful.  Fortunately we got there early (9:00) and were able to find a place to park.  There is limited parking at each of the beaches.  We really wanted to go to the Naples pier but parking there was REALLY BAD!

All in all it was a good trip!

~~Live Life

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