Jan 31

The weather today was pretty nice.  The weatherman had talked last night that we were going to have quite a bit of wind today.  Temperature got to 44 and lots of the ice melted off the roads and parking lots.

One of my co-workers is off this week.  He is having some health issues, nothing that is long term major but major in it's own rite. 

I went to a home party tonight at one of the neighbors.  She sells makeup, and it is really fantastic!  Unfortunately pretty $$ as all those are.  But, I try to support those endeavors when I can if it is something that I would utilize regularly. 

After the party I came home to Hubby wanting to know if I had any fingernail polish remover... he was working on the bathroom project.  Definately not a good sign.

My flooring came in and I was able to get it laid before I went to the party.  It went down pretty good, and fit like a dream in the space where I wanted to put it.  A few adjustments when I go to finish moving things around and it will be a wonderful and warm change to my workout area.

~~Live Life

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