Jan 30

What a day!  Got ready to go to class and when my daughter got here to go with, I realized that I hadn't filled my water bottle that I normally take! Ugh!  Work out was great, lots of jumping but good cardio.

Then, when I got to work, I noticed that my son's Semi was still there... Umm... So I asked the boss if he knew something that I didn't. Nope.  Well isn't that his semi still sitting there? Yeah the other driver is off.  Oh, um... so what does that have to..... OH! we had feed today so he is driving the feed truck! D'oh!  What a way to start a Monday!

Is that any indication to how the balance of the week is going to go?

Hubby and I went to get the balance of the supplies for the remodel project, only cost us $18.00 and we had close to $200 work of supplies.  Thank goodnes for rebates!

~~Live Life

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