Jan 29

Another weekend has gone way too quickly.  I don't really know where all the time goes.  Yesterday was spent purging some of the closets that I just stash.  Today was a few more.  I did find some Tupperware lids that I thought I had lost. They were in the box that I was going to return the Tupperware too as the bowls were really big and I just needed a couple extra's for whatever reason.  Yeah... that didn't happen!  Fortunately lids found!

Hubby worked on the bathroom remodel.  We have a shower curtain rod and toilet paper holder,the toilet is in place but the hose leaks so we have to replace that before we can use it.  Hopefully continued progress.  Sounds like tomorrow night we can hang the shower curtain so we can use that shower.

I went to a movie this afternoon.  A Dogs Purpose.  I would highly recommend the movie.  There weren't very many dry eyes that walked out of the theater. 

Hopefully my basement floor comes tomorrow and I can work on that project some in the evening.  Really looking forward to the project and for the floor when working out.

~~Live Life

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