Jan 28

It has been a productive week, remodel speaking anyway.  The tile was laid and grouted this weekend and we have picked out our counter top and the color of the stain.  Unfortunately this could have been done weeks ago and didn't know that. Hopefully in another week we will see more progress.

I cleaned the office today, ick!  One thing led to another and I ended up cleaning out 4 file drawers plus some smaller drawers that are in there too.  Lots of stuff to recycle and some to burn (for privacy)  Good job complete but made a bigger mess than I had when I started.

One of the littles came and spent the afternoon with us.  Took her to church and then for supper.  She was pretty good.  It was fun having her over.  One kind of forgets really how much there is to having a baby around.  Diaper Bags, Car Seats, Sippy cups, snacks, toys, books....

I think I am going to go to a movie tomorrow, not sure which one, but I have a couple that I would like to see.  I have some pictures to pick up that I had developed for a project and some things for my mom too.

~~ Live Life


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