Jan 24

Happy Happy Birthday to the first little!  Hard to believe he is 8!!!! Boy.... I feel just a tad old.  He is a fantastic kid.

I had a massage tonight.  Really needed that too.  Sore spots all gone for the time being.  My massage therapist is fantastic.  She started using the cupping technique last summer and it has really worked the scar tissue on my low back.  The last couple of massages she has been working on a toe that I had surgery on a couple of years ago.  Getting some of the flexibility back in it is nice.  I haven't been to the chiropractor since last summer, hmm... Just actually realized that.  Kind of a nice feeling and I think I have made great strides in my back strengthing and over all muscle health.

I have been working on my water intake, been doing okay, but sometimes just plain water gets blah.  I have been using my oils once in a while to flavor the water it helps to get past the blah moments

~~ Live Life


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