Jan 20

I have survived the few days without a boss, however yesterday proved a couple of challenges.  Nothing we couldn't handle, but, just not a smooth day.  Unfortunately what went wrong the repair people felt they needed to call the boss instead of just checking with the office to see if we could find what they needed since what we had given them evidently didn't work. Grrr!  Let the man have a vacation!

I bought a couple of patriotic puzzles to work on, I am tired of sitting around and playing on the computer, I wanted something different.  I have one just about done only about 100 pieces left to place.

This weekend is somewhat busy, birthday for one of the littles and a brunch for our local Legion Post.  I have to make 10 dozen rolls and I have yet to decide when I am going to bake them, tonight after the party... or at 5 AM tomorrow.... Ick to both choices!

~~Live Life

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