Ice Ice Baby

Our little neck of the woods suffered an ice storm.  School closed, some businesses shut down, and for the most part people stayed home.  I made it to work an hour late and the boss shut the doors 2 hours early.  Pretty easy day.  4 customers all day. Caught one of the elusive mice that has been plaguing the office the last month or so, it was a good day.

Hubby had to be to work early, so he left an hour ahead of time.  He only had 20 miles to go and he said that it took him an hour to get there.  Workout class was cancelled this morning so I walked on the treadmill, but the night class wasn't so DD and I went and got our workout in.

Got my schedule for some meetings next month, now to finish my presentation so that I am not waiting until the last minute to get things organized.  Need to get one piece of information before I work too hard so I know which direction to go.

~~Live Life


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