Grocery Getter

Our community is having a breakfast next weekend and I was in charge of picking up the groceries for them.  Fortunately hubby went with me today as there was a lot and also the groceries that we needed for ourselves.  5 hours later we were home and had all the groceries put away, or deposited to the facility we use for the breakfast.  Then... I get a phone call from one of our members that I had asked to pick up eggs, but assumed they couldn't help out since they didn't call me back they had 22 dozen eggs on top of the 36 dozen that others had already picked up for me. (we only need 36) Well, I guess we will have some for sale at the very beginning instead of just at the end of the event!

In getting the groceries we ran out of room in our SUV, the back end and the backseat were both full of the groceries and everything else.  Our final stop was for an ice cream cake for DD birthday tomorrow.  The safest place for the cake on the trip... my lap. JUST a mite chilly!

Hubby and I then proceeded to take a 3 mile walk in the beautiful 30 degree weather.  We are debating on whether or not to take a walk tomorrow to breakfast, unfortunately with the kids coming for lunch and the fact that it is 5 miles away... I guess we will walk and try to get another walk in before the ice storm hits in the afternoon.

~~Live Life

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