Friday the 13

I'm not a superstitious person so this being Friday the 13 really didn't bother me.  I actually had trouble remembering that is was actually Friday and the 13th.  This week being the first full working week of the year just confused me.  It is really amazing how this can just mess with a person's system.

Little #4 will be here at any time. DIL is getting very uncomfortable and the Dr. are really watching her to be sure the baby doesn't cut off her own circulation.  Oh how we are ready to meet the little!

We have lots of birthday's to celebrate in the next month.  DD this weekend, Little #1 turns 8 on the 24th,  Little #3 turns 1 on Feb 25 and Little #2 turns 4 on Feb 26.  Not to mention the SIL and BIL that celebrate in February, that is another 3. Fortunately the SIL's and BIL are old enough we don't celebrate their birthday's that would be a lot of cake!  It was when they were growing up, we went to 3 parties in 7 days.

Work was okay this week.  Getting caught up after all the month and year end work.  I still have a couple of reports to work on but I don't know how to finish them so I need to do a bunch of research.

~~Live Life

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