Just a bit late but...

Thank goodness for the weekend.  Time to rejuvinate myself for the next week.  Hubby and I went for a 2 mile walk after work.  It was a bit chilly, but the sun was still out and we weren't in the dark.  Got my 11k steps in for the day.

The kids want to have an anti Super Bowl party Sunday.  I am going to make a casserole that they both like.  I asked if they wanted me to bring an appetizer instead and my daughter told me that my son about drooled when she told him that I was making that casserole.  Guess I am making that!  That's okay, I haven't made this casserole in about 10 years and I like it.  Hubby not so much. (it has cheese in it and lots of it)

The girls and I are going to get pedicures today.  Try to get some labor started for the Daughter in law.  Miss Little #1 was being naughty at daycare, so Grandma "bribed"  I told her that if she is good I would pay the extra for her to have the color changing polish.  I guess her attitude changed immediately.

~~Live Life

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