Feb 6

Getting closer on the bath remodel, I now have a sink, however, the drain pipe glue needs to set before we can use it.  The vanity isn't done yet either, the contractor has to put the back splash on and the main mirror on the wall, plus many other small things.  He has to come back tomorrow to finish.  Hubby and he worked on it for 4 hours today and didn't get it done.  So far I am totally in love with the new vanity, I just need to figure out where everything is going to go.

I decided today also that I am going to have a Younique party.  I generally don't do those kinds of things but, WTH why not!

I went to Mom's today and worked on helping her to get her income tax things ready for our appointment on friday.  So interesting trying to work with her! Ack!

Looking forward to the new little, she is ready to make her appearance.

~~Live Life

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