Feb 5

The kids invited us for their Anti-Superbowl Party, however we did kind of watch the game.  It was on anyway.  Supper was really good DD made chili and I made a casserole.  However, DS didn't think it tasted as good as he remembered. Damn! Oh well, it did taste okay, but it is actually better in the oven vs in the crockpot.  Got plenty left! Big Miss and I "Made cookies" well, we put them on the pan and baked them, I already had them mixed.  Warm cookies are the best.

Did some construction work with the hubby today, he didn't even yell at me.  I left before we were done but my Brother in law was there to help finish what we could do today.  A friend called to ask if I wanted to go for a walk and so we walked for our hour, but I got blisters on the other foot now!  I didn't necessarily have on the right shoes but they should have been okay. Oh well, this too will pass.

Tomorrow is another day and hopefully DS and wife will give us a call tonight to come stay with Big Miss while they go have the baby.

My bathroom project should be complete tomorrow... yeah... we shall see!

~~Live Life


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