Feb 26

AH! Sunday.  Too bad I couldn't sleep in like I did yesterday.  My back was bothering me and I just couldn't get comfortable.  I lay on the couch when I have issues like this and I can generally get it to relax some.  I watched a WWII movie that happened to be on at 5:30AM!  It was really pretty good, I wish I would have been able to watch the beginning to completely understand the story line.  I was able to pretty much figure it out but there were some pieces missing.

Today was also the 2nd littles birthday party.  The weather was really nice so I was able to walk to the party.  I took the "long" way and added a couple of more miles to my walk.  I got 6 miles in instead of 4.  It was only a bit windy at times and I definately had PLENTY of clothes on.  Didn't really want to take any off... but I was plenty warm.

I went to town and got a pedicure today.  It is so relaxing.  Makes my feet feel so good.  Now I have happy toes!

~~Live Life


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