Feb 25

Chilly weather today, unfortunately my body quickly aclimated to the warm weather and now it is having a hard time aclimating back to the cold. Oh, wait... No I just really don't like the cold. 

The first of the parties was today, house full of family and lots of kids! 7 kids under the age of 4.  The cake turned out well, the bottom part was dry, but that was to be expected from having to bake the cake for so long. Still good, just a bit dry.

Tomorrow I am going to walk to the next party should the weather be sunny and not windy.  I prefer to get my miles outside instead of on the treadmill, the scenery is just WAY more intriguing.

Church tonight held a baptism.  We have enjoyed watching this family grow.  They have a little boy that is about 4.  He came tonight with a cast on his arm.  Poor thing, sounds like he climbs everything and fell off the swing and broke his wrist.  He is a cutie.

I was talking to my son today and said that he could come and spend time with Dad while it was "girls night" at his house.  He said, "I can't I have dance" with a straight face!  And of course he does, he is doing the daddy daughter dance again this year and their class is on Monday nights!  Oh, something I never thought I would hear my son say, and ever so seriously!  I am sure his brother is just getting a kick out of this!

~~Live Life

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