Feb 24

Crappy weather today, rain, sleet, and some said hail last night.

This is the weekend of the girls' birthdays.  I got my cake made last night.  Tonight's project was to frost and decorate.  I bought some new tips to decorate with. Pretty fun and it's going to take some practice.  Definately works better the more pressure used and also the cooler the frosting the better.  Putting it in a plastic decorator bag and squeezing just really makes it warm and "squishy".

I got some miles on the treadmill today, 30 min this morning and 20 min tonight.  Class today was quads and hamstrings.  Pretty painful and it made my legs feel like jell-o.  I wasn't the only one. 

Work was pretty slow today, with the rain it pretty much keeps people home instead of being out and about.  The trucks had issues in and out of drives.

~~Live Life

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