Feb 23

Boy the weather is totally different from yesterday.  Brrr!  Rainy dreary cold... need more of a description? 

Worked on my cake for one of the Littles birthday this weekend.  I have this round pan that I HATE!  I am going to get rid of it.  It never fails, the cake doesn't get done no matter what I do!  Now to fix the error and make it not look like middle is missing. ( Its not bad but it makes me mad)  Tomorrow night will be frosting and making it pretty.

This weekend is full of celebrating and preparing for the upcoming week.  Tonight I have done bookwork, cakes, dishes, laundry and cleaned off my desk.

One of the employees at work stayed home sick today with what we now know is Influenza A.  The oldest Little has Influenza B. Daughter went to the Dr today for a sore throat and since her husband had strep the dr put her on antibiotics just in case.  Anyone gets me sick this next week and I will scream.  That is not in my plan for the next couple of weeks!

~~Live Life

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