Feb 22

Only 10 days til I get a break!  Then it is going to be 7 days of almost relaxation.  I am looking forward to it but it could prove to be stressful.

All of the girls came over tonight and we went for a walk.  Only a bit over a mile but when we are on gravel with a wagon pulling 2 and a stroller with 1 it doesn't make for a comfortable trip for Mom.  We shold have gone to town where we could have been on better road or to the school on the track.  Well, now we remember for next time.  Plus, it was starting to cool off as the sun went down. (it's only suppose to be about 30 tomorrow)

I went for a walk at noon, put on a long sleeve shirt 'cause I thought maybe when I got out in the open it might be a bit chilly.  Boy was I wrong, I was a bit toasty when I got back to work.  I opened both of the doors and my windows to let the breeze through, this just feels a bit strange in the middle of February.  Maybe for southerners yes, but here in the midwest.. Naa.

~~Live Life

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