Feb 2

Last night in our little neck of the woods was rather interesting.  Hubby hadn't gotten home from his day out yet and I received a text wanting to know what was happening.  Ummm.  Come to find out it was a drug deal gone bad and someone was killed.  One of the suspects was still at large.  Didn't sound like it was random, they all knew each other so the officers didn't think we were in danger, however the suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. 

I finished my basement floor so now it is a happy floor and I am a happy person.  Only took about 20 minutes, and I have just a few more things I would like to do to get it organized.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday, I am really ready for the weekend.  I need to make sure that I work out this weekend and get the necessary miles in for a virtual race that I am participating in,  other people depend on me its just not myself.

~~Live Life

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