Feb 16

Valentine's Day came and went.  Card to and from the Hubby and that's pretty much the extent of our celebration.  Found out the night before that we were going to have come relatives come in for a night. YEAH! But that meant a slight cleaning of the house and a trip to the grocery store... On Valentine's day.  Then to just completely top it all off! Hubby got called to a meeting that night. REALLY!  Oh well, we again survived and let someone else tell us what we were going to do.  Meeting complete house cleaned, groceries got.

Guests arrived last night and we had a fantastic time talking like it was just yesterday that we had seen them rather than 9 months. 

The flu has run rampant in our neck of the woods.  Fantastic Son in law ended up with Strep, as did the Littles day care providers family.  Sounds like this is come pretty nasty stuff.  Fortunately Hubby and I have avoided the worst of it so far.  Cross my fingers and keep taking my vitamin C.

I couldn't sleep this morning so I did still get up and walk on the treadmill.  Fortunately the guests were able to sleep through the noise  I really did try to keep it down, I didn't turn on the TV and they had their door shut.

~~Live Life

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