Feb 12

Been a bit, Life happened and I needed to take care of that.  So much for my goal of doing this everyday, however I guess I kind of knew I would not be able to for one reason or another, which is okay, this is something to do to relax not to put more pressure upon myself.

I should have probably looked back to see what I had touched on last.

Hubby took my mom and myself to some American Legion meetings over the weekend, I could have done it by myself but it is nice that he is willing to go along, he tries to find things to do to keep himself busy for the time I need to be in meetings. For my position this year I am to take pictures, I had one thing to really remember... My camera.  I remembered as we got to the hotel .. 3 hours away  GRRR.  Fortunately my phone takes pretty good pictures, now if I could just stop the struggle and get them uploaded to get them developed would be FANTASTIC!

It was a great weekend, unfortunately there is one person that I just really can't handle being around.  This guy just gives me the total creeps, he just seems to find me no matter what!   Most of the time I try to appear busy so he doesn't bother me, but he doesn't seem to take that into consideration and buts in to talk. BLECK!

I was to try and get 12 miles in walking this weekend for a small competition I am involved in, fortunately the rest of my teammates were able to pick up my slack, but I did get in 9 of the 12.

We saw a couple of eagles on the way home today, soaring high above just for us.  Got a text from the Daughter in law and she said there was a big one at their house out in the field with our son.  He was spreading manure and this eagle was just getting his belly full!  They are really big birds!

~~Live Life

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