Birthday day!

The kids were all here to celebrate DD birthday.  Grandma soup and Ice Cream cake MMM Good!  We played a horse race counting game with G and had a good time.

After they all left I decided that I was going to go for a walk, I thought about calling a friend and before I could get it done, she called me! So we walked for a good hour, spent some time "ice skating" in out boots and just talking about our holiday's.  We started the occasional walking about 10 years ago when our boys were playing basketball and would have open gym on Sunday night.  We would take them to the school and then walk the halls while they had practice, then when the weather got better we would walk outside.  We just kind of kept doing that even after they graduated.

Nasty storm is headed our way.  Ice and all that ick.  Hopefully it will miss us but everyone is prepared for the worse.  Garbage has cancelled already.  No schools yet but everyone is on alert and cautious.

~~Live Life

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