Another Manic Monday

HA! Well not really! Small towns don't generally get manic unless it is 4th of July and there is a parade.  Work was okay, planned the boss' vacation (YEAH US!) Seems rather odd, but yup, I have even tied ties for him and his sons.

My workout today was "a list" as our instructor was gone and we didn't have a guest instructor.  The list was pretty tough. we were to do each thing 10 times, 10 times through the list.  Doesn't sound awful but, it was pushups, tuck jumps, broad jumps, bicep curls, reverse bicep curls, burpees, ball slams, overhead press and overhead tricep and box jumps. Only made it through 6 times in our alotted time. Kind of a fail but, I did work at it.  Tomorrow is walking on the treadmill.  I really need to get into the walking, I was doing well getting my 11k steps each day, then I got sick...

~~Live Life

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Comments (1)

  1. Munkyman

    It’s not a fail, the point is to push & as long as you end exhausted, it’s a win.

    January 10, 2017