Adventures alone

Today being Sunday, the day was unplanned.  Hubby got called in to fix a water main thus leaving me to figure out how to spend the day.  I had a couple of small (literally 15 min) sewing projects to finish and a couple loads of laundry.  Dishes were washed and put away and then... the day was mine.

I have seen ads for the movie La La Land.  I decided to go to the movie today by myself.  The movie was very good, surprisingly the theater was 3/4 full or better.   Spending the $8 for the movie wasn't so bad, it was the $6 for the pop that kind of threw me for a loop!  Oh, I knew it would be high, but really?  Is there a need to charge that much for fountain pop! Ugh!

Oh, I would do it again, probably not with the pop, I don't need it that bad, I would have been just fine without it.  I may just make it my goal to go to a movie each month this year.  Why not?  If all I am going to do is lay around, I may as well go and see a movie that looks good!  There are a couple coming out the look pretty interesting.  I wish I could remember the names of them but they looked pretty funny!

~~Live Life

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