A morning with the Littles

The Littles visited today.  They are all so very happy and content.  Despite the age difference, they play well together and deal with the baby's getting into the middle of playing.

Laughter, giggles and "OH NO! I GOT THE OLD MAID!" are just enough to make anyone's day.

I don't know how grandparents do it when their littles are far enough away that they don't get to see them regularly.  Maybe it is just our instance, that makes things different.  Makes is special for us when they make a couple of hours for us on a random Saturday.  Makes it special for us to pick them up from daycare for "just a few minutes, i'm running late"

I really wouldn't have it any other way... other than for Nich to be here right along with us to play with and get to know the littles in a way only Nich can.

~~Live Life

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