Each year the idea of setting resolutions comes up, whether they be weight loss or working out or whatever.  This reminds me alot of Lent and giving something up for the six weeks prior to Easter.  Now, I am not judging people on whether they do or don't do resolutions or give something up for Lent, it is a personal choice.

Growing up some people I knew would give up Elephant hunting for lent.  To me that was just making a mockery of the intention.  Not being Catholic at the time myself, it really bothered me.  When my son was in middle school, he decided to give up meat for Lent.  I made sure he really knew what he was doing and he assured me that he did.  Now this child was not one to eat fruit and vegetables, so the poor kid ate a lot of grilled cheese and peanut butter.  If I remember correctly he had meat twice during that six weeks as he was off on a project and there was no other choice.

I try to look on the side of making myself a better person during these times.  Oh, intentions still start out well and more times than not, I fail.  However, I think the concious idea and thought process to make ourselves a better person will eventually take hold and our lives will be changed for the  better.

So whether you make that New Year's or Lenten resolution, do so in trying to be a better person.  Pay it forward, help someone in the community, even just do something extra special for your husband or kids.

Enjoy the New year

~~Live Life

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