I took Mom to the Dr. today, she had to get a shot in her eye (ick).  Then we met hubby at the cabinet shop to pick out our counter top and sink for the bathroom.  That done, it is going to be another couple of weeks, as they haven't even started them.... Ummm We thought their contract said that once we paid them the downpayment they would start on the cabinets.  We knew that we had to pick out the countertop but they didn't say when we needed to get that done.  Grrr...  I was kind of hoping to have my main bathroom back!

The boss was back today, he was entertaining customers when I left and when I returned, fortunately they weren't the same ones both times!  In my office sometimes you just never know!

Class was great this morning.  We did kickboxing, and lots of core.  I struggled with the core but I did make it through without too many issues.  Modified a couple of times because of my back, but overall for as much as my back was hurting I was very impressed.

Tomorrow is a massage, ahhh, hopefully it will relax the back muscles that are giving me some issues.  Hubby put some Deep Blue on it last night and that did help some, will have to do again tonight.

Felt pretty good about what I accomplished after work tonight, floors swept and vaccuumed, 3 loads of laundry done, and bookwork updated.

~~ Live Life


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